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At only three square meters (as in 2.00 x 1.50 m – that’s all it is...) our YAWN Bunk Cabins may be the smallest ever in size, but they are still packed with features, comfort and simple Scandinavian design. Each Cabin comes with single size (200 x 80 cm bottom, 190 x 80 cm top) bunk bed, comfortable mattress and luxurious bed linen, with our 100% cotton and vibrant teal pillow cases adding an extra splash of colour to your Cabin. Further YAWN Cabin features include individual reading lights, a coat hanger, full-size mirror, bedside table, carry-on baggage storage, as well as a fold-down table attached to the wall next to each of the beds.

Each Cabin is centrally air-conditioned and lockable from the inside.

We have a very strict hygiene policy, applying products and best practices from both the aviation and hotel industries. Operating in a 24x7 environment we always have a housekeeper on duty to ensure highest levels of hygiene throughout the entire Lounge.

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